Immediately after your brow treatment use provided gauze to gently blot every 5 minutes for the first two hours.  After two hours, blot every 30 minutes to an hour until bed time.  Doing so will ensure you decrease the amount of lymph fluid that could potentially dry on your brows causing thick, crusty scabs and color loss. At your last blotting just before bed, be sure to spread a thin amount of provided gel onto each brow using the application wand.  Remember to wash hands thoroughly before caring for your brows!
Apply brow gel twice daily before bath time and face cleansing until scabbing subsides.
Tips for best healed results:
• avoid steam at all costs, take baths!
• avoid any activity that may cause perspiration/sweating
• NO PICKING!  Picking will cause color loss, scaring and possible infection.  Be sure to allow your scabs to shed naturally
•change out your pillowcase and sleep on your back until scabbing is gone
•avoid direct sunlight/tanning for 30 days post treatment
•avoid Retinols, AHA, BHA, Hyaluronic acid based products and facials for 30 days post treatment
• Keep lips moisturized at all times with given ointment,  a&d or aquaphor until all scabbing subsides
•drink plenty of water to aid in healing
•avoid drinking alcohol for 24 hours to minimize chances of additional swelling
•avoid spicy food for 24 to 48 hours post treatment
•change masks daily to avoid infection
• avoid oral sex and kissing for 72 hours
• avoid picking scabs (picking will cause scarring and pigment/color loss)
• once scabbing is gone, use a light sugar scrub to remove dead skin and use SPF 30 lip moisturizer while in the sun

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