Combination Brow

You're in luck since you've just arrived on the ideal page if you're seeking THE #1 place to get your eyes microbladed in Nashville! We comprehend. You've read the articles and seen the before-and-after photos; now, all you need is a shop that delivers the gorgeous eyebrows they advertise.

Fortunately for you, we are at that location. We go above and beyond the call of duty to make you feel more than just "content," but outright ecstatic! Since we've been in operation for SO LONG, we've amassed the expertise required to perform an ideal microblade procedure specifically suited to your Brow Microblading Nashville, TN.

What is Brow Microblading?

A cosmetic, semi-permanent fix for sparse, over-tweezed, over-waxed, or thinning eyebrows is Nashville Microblading. Defining shape, forming an arch, or increasing density is great for hiding scars, gaps, and hair loss. Use a tattoo to give yourself the ideal brow. It enhances the lips' appearance and, if necessary, can be used to remedy asymmetry or even dark lip color.

During this procedure, pigment is applied to the lips using a special permanent makeup machine pen to create layers of color. The effects of this treatment, which rely on the genetics of the lips, are very natural-looking once they have healed.


You will always feel at ease while using our service because of the comfort and relaxation of our atmosphere. To meet YOUR needs, we are here. We sit down and talk about the precise size and contour of the brows you have in mind. We will provide suggestions for shapes and sizes in Brow Microblading Nashville, TN that would complement your natural brows the best, but we want you to make the final decision so that you enjoy how you appear!

How is Microblading Performed?

Eyebrow The pigment is implanted beneath the skin during microblading Nashville, which is done manually using a handheld tool. The dyes are applied to the epidermis with a very small disposable blade, leaving strokes that look and feel exceedingly delicate and crisp. A more realistic appearance is achieved with brow microblading Nashville since it affects color closer to the top skin surface than tattooing.

Is The Procedure Excruciating?

This process of Microblading in Nashville, TN, feels like pulling out hair so it could be a little uncomfortable. To make this therapy as comfortable and painless as feasible for every patient, we shall numb the area with the appropriate numbing lotion or local anesthetic before we begin the operation. During treatment, may reapply numbing cream to maintain patient comfort.

Can you cover up my past brow augmentation, which is still extremely noticeable?

Before making an online appointment, it is recommended that you send a clear set of images to the recipient for approval first.