If you're willing to get that perfect brows, you're at the right place. Microshading Nashville is increasingly becoming popular and the results are totally worth it!

What are Ombre Brows?

Microshading Nashvilleis a brow style that uses ombré shading. This semi-permanent eyebrow styling method involves inserting incredibly tiny dots of pigment into the skin with a small machine to simulate the appearance of a softly shaded brow pencil. Just say Ombre Brows Near Me or Microshading Nashville near me to your Siri or google assistant to find us. We are highly proficient in our work and dedicated towards it.

Why is Microshading important for your look?

Another permanent makeup method comparable to blading is Microshading Nashville (or feathering). However, it uses a method called stippling, in which a technician deposits tiny dots of color to produce a shaded effect.

Perks of micro shading

  • Similar to eyebrow powder
  • Produces bigger, thicker eyebrows
  • Suitable for oily or sensitive skin

What is the duration of microshading?

The outcomes differ from person to person. Microshading in Nashville, TN, typically lasts between one and three years, but you'll require a touch-up or maintenance session every six to eight months.

Microshading: Is it harmful?

Expect discomfort; it won't be as bad as a tattoo, but it won't be as bad as tweezing or waxing. Before the operation, your makeup artist will cover your eyebrows with a numbing lotion. The numbing cream will wear off, leaving your brows painful. To reduce inflammation, take a painkiller such as an acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

Do I need to be aware of any adverse effects or precautions?

Though largely risk-free, micro shading can have problems. In this process, the upper dermal layer of skin is tattooed. If the needle penetrates deeper than this layer of skin, there is a chance of damage. As a side effect of the operation, you can experience certain skin irritability signs like itching, swelling, and redness. Additionally, there is a chance of having an adverse response to the anesthetic or tattoo ink and a case of contracting a blood-borne infection.

About us

We are a cosmetic and eyebrow service provider with offices in Nashville, Tennessee. The board of Cosmetology has certified and licensed all of our incredibly talented artists. We take pride in creating a calm, secure environment at Alkeme Beauty. This is the main worry and deterrent for clients considering permanent makeup, like Microshading Nashville, TN. Our procedures provide optimal recovery with a gentle approach to permanent makeup. We take pleasure in our dedication to delivering healed outcomes and are cautious regarding the selection of pigments and the skin's saturation with coloring.